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Life Update! (Exciting News!)

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Hello gorgeous people!

Before I jump in and talk about myself, I’d like to know: How are you? How has your weekend been? 🙂 I hope you are enjoying your life to the fullest!

So as you can guess from the title and the header image, I have a pretty BIG news that I want to share with you guys! Before I reveal what it is, *wink, wink* I’d like to talk about why I have been absent from my blog for more than a week. People have been sending me messages on Twitter and on Instagram asking me where I am and why I haven’t been blogging for a while. If you read my June Favourites post, you’ll know the reason but I’d like to elaborate.

Blogging has been the best thing in my life so far but I needed to take a step back and look around myself. I have major exams coming up in December this year for which I need to prepare like as if I am preparing myself for a war. I was home schooled throughout my high school years so it is the same with my college. I am studying in correspondence and I do not have any teachers to guide or help me. Which is why it is very important for me to nail my first year exams. These results will decide what I get to do in future which is why I had to put my laptop down and just be with my books. In just a week, I completed more than half of my studies.

I know I promised you guys 3 articles a week and I was posting them for a month but the books sitting idly around me brought me back to reality and I was so scared that I was not able to write a single post. I sat down to write but it was as if the books beside me were just looking at me with a disappointed stare. I know it sounds dramatic and it probably is, but it hit me really hard how much I had been neglecting my studies. If I screw up my studies, I don’t know if i’d be able to blog. I am NOT giving up blogging! No chance! It is the best thing ever and I have met some of the nicest people through S&S and I am so grateful to my readers who take time off their busy schedules to read and comment on my posts. Yeah, I am not giving up blogging. I apologize to everyone who thought I had but that is not the case, at all!

I am getting back in blogging seeing how great my studies went these last few weeks, it honestly did! I feel a lot confident now and I am sure I will excel. I literally sat in my room for hours devouring book after book. I am currently in the middle of making notes and filling out assignments. The exams are in December and I am confident they’ll go nicely if I keep up the way that I have been studying for a few more months.

Now let me tell you my news!! *Sheepish Grin*

I am shifting my blog to a self hosted site!! *Scream!*

I know you must be thinking, “WHAT?! NOW?! You just said that you want to focus on studies! You said long ago that you wont shift to self hosted until you were done with your exams!”

I know, I know! I was not planning on doing it but seeing where I am now, with my progress and everything, it just feels right! I will admit that I wasn’t going to shift it before next year but I was contacted by the amazing people from Blogerize and they wanted to design my blog’s layout. So we talked about how I wanted my design to be and they presented me with the design of my dreams! To activate that, my blog needs to be on a self hosted platform. After I saw the design, (Which I can’t wait to show you guys!) I just knew that yeah, I need to move! That is the design my S&S NEEDS! When you know, you just know! So I am going to shift it by the end of this week, maybe sooner! I was going to shift it anyways and now seemed like a really good time. Gut feeling! I wouldn’t have gotten the feeling or the courage to move my blog if I hadn’t got the absolutely breath taking support and feedback from you guys!

I have made a timetable for myself where I can study and blog at the same time without feeling scared or guilty. Why didn’t I do that before? Let’s just say that my brain was asleep! This brain is a super lazy one, my friends! I have some really good beauty, skincare and health posts ready for you guys! I am so excited! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see previews of what is coming up!

I am so excited for this! I don’t think I will be be able to post 3 days a week as I used to. I will be posting twice instead… Till my exams are done! I have some really good posts waiting to be published and I will publish them when I have moved! Hopefully by the end of this week, you’ll see the new and improved Styles and Sensibilities! 🙂

Goodness! I have been rambling on as usual! Thank you for your concern, I really appreciate it and all the amazing support I am getting! I can hardly wait for my new blog!

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June Favourites 2016

JF Header

Hello July! 😀

Honestly guys, where is the time going? With every passing month, I am growing anxious as my first year college exams are nearing! Which is also the reason why my blogging has been slow last month. June however seemed to be extra hectic and challenging as I was faced with various practical, theory and viva exams but I came out with flying colours. I did try out several new products throughout June. Some I loved, some… not so much.:/

I had an idea guys, just as I do these monthly favourites, would you like me to do a monthly “not-so-favs”? Obviously I will try to come up with a better title than that! 😀

So let’s jump in and talk about the products I loved using this month, shall we? 🙂

Colorbar Perfect Pout Gloss: Before I talk about this product, I would like to talk about the brand; Colorbar. I have used some of their products and they are pretty good but I must say I have never heard any YouTuber or Blogger from USA talk about it. It says that it is a product of USA but do you guys get it there? Do let me know! I have been so curious about it. 😦 I am sure most of you are well aware of my lipstick addiction by now :/ I do tend to steer towards matte lipsticks instead of gloss but the shade was just too irresistible. I have it in the shade SNEAKY which is a light peachy pinky nude. The texture is creamy but not thick, it is not runny either, it is just right to coat the lips. The colour is just perfect for the summer time. I will do a more detailed review of this product or of this brand and it’s other products if you all are interested. Please let me know in the comments 🙂


Lakme Absolute Plump and Shine: I have talked about Lakme before and so many of you asked me if it was available in USA or UK but sadly my lovelies, it is only available in India. I really think they should start shipping it abroad as their products are absolutely amazing! It is one of the oldest makeup brands in India and many people swear by them. This shade is one of my favourite nude lip glosses of all time. It is called Beige Shine and it is a gorgeous nude with golden, pink & purple shimmer in it. The shades adds a luxurious shine to the lips and just a hint of pink colour. I was reaching for this gloss almost everyday and I am definitely going to repurchase it when I run out.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Dreams Palette: The moment I saw this paette, it was love at first sight for me. I have also posted a detailed review on it and you can check it out HERE. I used this palette everyday and I created so many looks with it. I really enjoy playing and experimenting with eye shadows. I am planning on purchasing a few more palettes from them soon 🙂 You can follow me on Instagram to get the early updates! I’d love for your support! 🙂


Maybelline Super Stay Gel Nail Colour in SURREAL: When it comes to nail polishes, I find like I go through phases with them. They are very unexpected and very weird if I say so myself! 😀 I will wear nothing but pastels for weeks then I need darker shades on my nails immediately! Weird isn’t it? Throughout June, I developed an obsession with blues and purples which led me to Surreal and I still have a fresh coat of it on my nails! It is beautiful, it is such a unique colour. I never had a colour like this before. Surreal is a periwinkle blue or a pretty lavender-blue shade. I think it has the power to make any outfit summery and vibrant. It is a very crisp and a refreshing colour.


Maybelline Color Show in Blazing Blue: It is an intense royal blue shade and it is sensational. Considering the price, the Color Show range always have gorgeous colours and remarkable qualities. They are perfect for all age groups and are affordable as well! It is a bright colour and looks amazing in summer. You should definitely give this shade a try!

April Touch Of Love Lotion (Blackberry and Lilac scented): I have a thing for fruity fragrances as most of you already know and so my falling in love with this lotion surely doesn’t come as a surprise! 😛 It has a mixture of fruity and floral fragrance, as already mentioned. It is very light weight, absorbs quickly and leaves behind a soft, sweet refreshing scent. My arms get very dry throughout the day so I always need to carry a moisturizer with me. I do not like to use heavy creams or lotions during summer so I opt for water based ones and this lotion from April is one of them! 🙂


So I want to talk about all the things that I loved using last month but I fear you all will be stuck here for ages if I did that! I do however want to talk about other things besides beauty that I loved in June. Movies! I love watching movies, guys! So I thought I would share with you movies that I loved watching in June! (PS: How about I incorporate movies I did not like in my Not-So-Favs post? Just a thought, let me know if you all like the idea at all 😛 )

ZOOTOPIA: Even thought it was released in February, I didn’t get a chance to see it till last month. Shocking I know as I live for animated movies! The movie was hilarious! Nick and Judy stole my heart! (Nick in particular with his sly smirks and mischievous eyes!) I won’t give you any spoilers but if you haven’t watched it, I suggest you grab a big of popcorn and lock yourself in a room with the movie for 1 hour 50 minutes!


X-MEN APOLCALYPSE: Being a big fan of X-Men, I had to run and watch the movie. I had been waiting for it for so long! I really liked it thought a few scenes and a few characters seemed boring. But the ONE scene I did love in the entire movie was when… (SPOILER ALERT) the Phoenix made an appearance! Jean Grey/Phoenix is my favourite mutant/god entity.


I practically jumped out of my seat and started yelling when I saw it manifest itself. Sophie Turner portrayed Jean marvelously and I hope the directors re-shoot the Phoenix saga as I absolutely disliked how it was made in the 2006 version. Here’s hoping they don’t kill her!


FINDING DORY: So glad they made a sequel to Finding Nemo! It was a such a fun movie, full of life! The new characters were absolutely adorable! It will be a great movie to watch with your family! Zootopia as well!


Clearly this post is way longer than it needs to be isn’t it? 😀 But I do hope you enjoyed reading it! I would like to tell you guys that I won’t be able to posts as often as I used to because of my studies. This is my first year of college and I need to get really good grades. Even thought the exams are in December, I know, I know you must be thinking, exams in December but you are slowing down now? The reason is that I have taken up distance education which means I have to do my entire college studies on my own without the help of a teacher so it is a huge pressure, my friends and I have been reading, making notes and just focusing on my studies from the earliest possible to get the highest marks. That will ensure a better future for me. I will be posting, I am not leaving completely, just not that often. I hope you will bear with me for the time being! 🙂

Let me know if you liked my idea on “Monthly Not-So-Faves” in the comments! How was your June? I hope you have a bright, happy and lively summer! Every feedback I get form you guys is treasured and much appreciated! 🙂


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Makeup Revolution Iconic Dreams Palette Review

Hello everyone! How have you all been? 🙂


If you are a beginner in the makeup world and want to get your hands on nice big affordable eye shadow palettes, you should really consider trying out the Makeup Revolution collection. I think Makeup Revolution is an exceptional brand and they have so many palettes to choose from. The best part is, they are incredibly affordable. Considering the price and the quality you get, it is a real steal, my friends! In my humble opinion, I think Makeup Revolution make some of the best palettes in the drugstore/superdrug section.


I got myself this palette which is called Iconic Dreams and you need this in your life amigos! To know more about this palette, please keep on reading! 🙂

PACKAGING: The eye shadows come in a black plastic rectangular box with a clear panel on top. The case is quite functional as it shuts tight, is compact and travel friendly. There is a dual end sponge applicator which I don’t generally use but they are excellent tools for patting on glitters or for mild blending. They have the ingredients list mentioned on the backside of the box in big clear, readable letters which I think is a big plus as most ingredient lists are small and sometimes unreadable.


SHADES AND PIGMENTATION: I absolutely adore the shades in this palette. I am sure you all know by now that I steer towards warm, pastel and earthy tones and this palette is a great choice for everyday use. I like to use shimmery shades on my lids and pair them up with nice matte shades on the crease. This palette provides such a nice selection of shades. It starts with light, creamy shades and gradually shifts to darker more iconic shades. The colours are easy to blend and apply on the lid. They compliment each other and I can create several looks with them.


(Note: Sadly, the swatches on my hand look very faded. In real the colours have a lot of pigmentation but for some reason, my camera was unable to capture that)

Shade 1: It is a pretty creamy skin matte shade which is perfect for highlighting the brow bone and the inner corners. It has really nice pigmentation and gives the desired shade in one swipe.

Shade 2: It is a shimmery pink champagne shade which also works wonderfully as a highlighter. It has nice colour payoff and I feel like you can also use this as a highlighter for your cheek bones! Using eye shadow as a cheek highlight? Why not! 😉

Shade 3: It is a matte light yellow shade which can be used on lids and as a highlighter. It is not at all chalky and has good pigmentation.


Shade 4 and Shade 5: These two shades are very similar to each other. They are both shimmery and pink but the 4th shade is a dusty pink shade (one of my favourite shades) and the 5th shade has gold undertone in it. Rose Gold is the best way to describe the 5th shade and rose gold is one of my favourite colours!

Shade 6: It is a gold shimmery shade and is very light. It is also the only shade in the palette with the least pigmentation.

Shade 7: It is a slightly metallic strong gold shade which is incredible. I personally love gold metallic shades and have many of them. I think this shade is suitable for day wear as it blends and diffuses. It is not very bright.

Shade 8: This shade is very unusual! It is an olive green with gold shimmer in it. I don’t usually like green but this shade changed my mind. I think this is a very unique shade and it is bound to look good on everyone!

Shade 9: I am a bit confused about this shade. First of all, this shade creates a lot of fall out and the shimmers fall or disappear. When I first swatched this, it came out in chunks and I thought it was a chunky green and gold glitter shadow but the moment I blended it, the glitters fell and left behind a black stain. I tried it on with fix plus still it didn’t stick which is a shame as I quite liked the mix of gold and green glitter.

Shade 10: This shade has to be my favourite shade in this palette. I never had this colour before and I feel madly in love with it the moment I swatched it. It is a beautiful shimmery and slightly metallic plum shade. The colour payoff is incredible and it looks amazing when patted onto the lid. I usually pair it with the 12th shade in the crease.


Shade 11: It is a matte taupe lilac shade which is perfect for the crease and acts as a beautiful transition shade. It is not heavily pigmented which is why you have to work with it to get the colour of your choice.

Shade 12: This shade is also one of my favourites. It is a matte, woody and cinnamon shade which looks spectacular on the crease. It has really nice pigmentation which is why I use small amounts of it to build up the colour.


If you want to get the Naked palettes or the Too Faced palettes but can’t, this brand has amazing dupes for them.

PRICES: £4, INR 700-800(Online and different prices on the original MUR website store) and $6


Are you a Makeup Revolution fan? Let me know if you have use any of their products before! Hope this review was helpful! I’d love to know if you are planning on purchasing this palette! 🙂

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Beauty Benefits Of Using Konjac Sponge


Before I jump in and talk about all the wonderful benefits of a konjac sponge, I am sure many of you are wondering what exactly is a konjac sponge?

A konjac sponge is a 100% natural face and body sponge, made from vegetable fibers of Konjac (Konnyaku). Although this is relatively new in USA and in other countries, it is actually quite popular in Asia. They are genuine Japanese products which is why they are also called Japanese Konjac sponge. They are bio-degradable and have no preservatives or additives, making it safe to use on skin.


The Benefits of using a Konjac Sponge:

I first heard about this from YouTuber KathleenLights. I follow her channel and her skin type is similar to mine; dry and very sensitive. So when she mentioned using a Konjac sponge, I jumped in and started my research on it. I got mine a month ago and have been using it for 3 weeks now so that I could give you guys a more detailed information. Beauty benefits of using this sponge to wash your face and body everyday may be surprising for you! China, Japan and Korea and the main producers of this sponge but they are quickly becoming very popular in other countries as well.

  • They are very gentle and soft. These sponges are actually a lot better than electronic brushes as they are 100% natural, bio-degradable and not to mention, affordable. On my first use, I could feel how gently and softly the fibers massaged my skin. It was like a gentle exfoliation which felt like a massage. The fibers are incredible soft and smooth. They are not harsh on the skin no matter how much pressure you apply, which is great.
  • Makes skin very clear, clean and radiant: Now when we exfoliate it does make out skin radiant, right? But I am sure most of us don’t exfoliate on a regular basis and it can actually be quite damaging on the skin if we use hard exfoliators on a regular basis. Since the sponge is made from Konjac root, when covered with water, the Konjac layer is also slightly alkaline. This helps neutralize slightly acidic grime and makes it easier to clean and wash away. This layer helps to break down blackheads, dirt and oil leaving your skin fresh and clean, even without the use of soap.
  • They are mixed with various natural ingredients to suit skin types and also to get a variety of properties. The sponges available are:
    • Green Tea Konjac Puff: Konjac root powder, Green Clay, Green Tea Extract
    • Black Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Puff/Sponge: Konjac root powder, Bamboo Charcoal Extract
    • Yellow Citrus Fruit Konjac Puff: Konjac root powder, Yellow Clay, Citron Extract
    • Pink Cherry Blossom Konjac Puff/Sponge: Konjac root powder, Pink Clay, Sakura Leaves Extract
    • Blue Wild Mint Konjac Puff: Konjac root powder, Blue Clay, Blue Mica, Wild Mint Extract
    • Pure White Konjac Puff/Sponge: Konjac root only
    • Aloe Vera Konjac Sponge: Aloe Vera
    • Tumeric Konjac Sponge: Tumeric

I have the Aloe Vera and Black Bamboo Charcoal sponges. I have been using the Charcoal one for the past few weeks and have seen my skin become radiant over the period of time. The more I use it, with time it gets better.  Many think that the charcoal konjac sponge help remove acne and blemishes entirely but that is not true at all. The carbon and minerals from the bamboo helps get rid of excess oil preventing minor breakouts.


The Dried Version

How to use a Konjac sponge?

When it comes out of a packet, the sponge is mini, dry and hard. You need to soak or run it under warm water for a few minutes. It doubles up in size and become softer and squishy! After wetting you face, take your everyday cleanser and gently rub the sponge in clockwork or anti-clockwork circles to get the best benefits. Wash off the sponge and make sure you don’t have any soap trapped in there. Don’t pull, twist or squeeze the sponge as it is very delicate. gently press it between your palms to get rid of the water and store it in a ventilated place or even in a container in the refrigerator. Never leave it in direct sunlight.

Have you used a Konjac sponge before?

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May Favourites & Competition Winners!

Hello everyone!

It is strange how birthday months pass by so quickly, isn’t it? One moment you can’t wait for it to arrive the next thing you know it just zoomed right past you like Flash or Quick Silver! :/ Never the less, May has been incredible and it was filled with wonderful memories! I got to see my best friend after 4 years and I turned 20! A favourites post makes it even more special as I get to relive the things I enjoyed using throughout the month!

So I present to you my May Favourites!!

header may

Starting off with makeup products, there were 6 items that I have been using consistently throughout the month

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and Concealer: If you read my What’s in my Travel Make-Up Bag post, you will remember I carried these two with me when I went on my small trip. I have been loving reusing these two products. I had set them aside for quite some time and had giving others a try but like a bee to honey, I buzzed my way towards it in the end! I used it possibly every single time I went out.

IMG_3870-1Revlon Colorstay Eye Liners: Since my eye shadows tend to be on the more natural and neutral side, I have been using these two liners by Revlon in the shades, 206 Jade and 207 Amethyst to add pops of colour on my water line. I think these shades are perfect for any season, especially summer! They add such a nice pop of colour which amplify the eyes and the face!

Lakmé 9 to 5 Lipsticks: These went with me on my trip and I have been obsessed with them. The shades MM3 Mauve Paced and MR3 Scarlet Drill are the perfect for day and night time respectively. I mostly used Mauve paced which is a pretty cool toned rose-blush mauve colour! Perfect for day wear!



The skincare products I used this month were limited as I only use selective products but the 2 products that I loved using in May were:

Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer (Sensitive + SPF 15): If you have sensitive + oily skin and are afraid to moisturize because your skin becomes greasy, you will love this product! This moisturizer is so darn good! I especially use it under my foundation as this moisturizer dries out quickly and almost leaves a matte screen behind. However, it doesn’t make the skin dry. On the contrary, it is very moisturizing. It has the goodness of vitamin E and Aloe in it. I love how it gets quickly absorbed into my skin and doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy feeling behind.


Neutrogena Sonic Power Cleaner + Pads: The foaming pads combined with the sonic power cleanser, provides such an effective and intensive wash on my skin. I use it twice a week and have been loving how the gentle vibration combined with the foam deeply cleanses my skin. Skin feels so much more clean and the vibration acts as a massage and allows blood and oxygen flow in the skin, making it bright and radiant!


There are 2 fragrances that scream summer for me. Aquatic, fresh fragrances and tangy fruity, citrus  fragrances. I have been using the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume throughout May and haven’t gotten bored of it! It is so tangy and citrus-y which is a perfect combination! My friends have always asked me, “Ooo! What perfume is that? You smell really nice!” every time I had this on! 😀


The last few things I LOVED using in May were 3 accessories. I have been wearing my AND sunglasses every time I stepped out of the house. I love that it is pink and it really compliments my outfits and adds quirkiness to it! They are over-sized and I personally like those kinds as they shield maximum of my eye area from the sun. The other 2 accessories are Harry Potter necklaces. I have a Time Turner and a Deathly Hallows one. They look so amazing and me being the Potter-Head that I am, flashed and showed it off smugly!


I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Do let me know if you have used any of the products above or if you are planning to! 😀

Today we had a competition over at Beauty Bloggers Corner and there were 3 ladies who stole the show! The winners were:

Keeley Chivers 1st place

Felícia Ponácz 2nd place

Lisa Robinson 3rd place

Before you leave, don’t forget to head over to these AMAZING blogs and give them your support! They totally deserve it! 😀

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Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Serum: Review!

Hello people! 🙂

Today I would like to talk about a serum which I have been loving for the past 3 months now. I got it from my sister who had used it before and recommended it to me saying, it worked wonders for sensitive skin. I am very picky about my skin products but I saw the difference it made to my sister who also has sensitive skin and decided to give it a shot. At first I didn’t notice any major changes but over a period of time I started gravitating towards it and left my other products. I have to say that it did make my skin feel incredible but I will go into that part in detail later on in the review!



The serum comes in a blue glass bottle with a pump covered in a plastic cap. The size is medium, sturdy and easy to carry around in handbags or travel bags. The writings on the bottle and the pack is detailed and clear as well. The pump dispenser is very useful and only the desired amount comes out.




Vichy Aqualia Thermal has a mild, refreshing aquatic fragrance which reminds you of summer and the beach. I personally love aquatic fragrances which is why the smell was a winner for me. However, some overly fragrant products can cause break outs on skin especially after prolong usage but I did not experience any such problems. The fragrance is very uplifting and refreshes your mood and the skin.



The serum is milky white and water based. It is oil free so it is not at all sticky or greasy. It is very light and seeps into the skin in a few seconds. A little goes a long way with this product making it last for a really long time.



 At first I didn’t notice any major changes except for the fact that my skin felt smoother and the fragrance lifted my mood. As I continued using it, I noted that my skin felt a lot better; hydrated and supple. With continuous using, my skin started to look radiant and plump. In addition to that, it felt great to the touch. I could feel how hydrated and soft my skin had become and I couldn’t stop touching it. I used it on its own; especially during night time after washing my face before bed for best results. My skin look happy and radiant in the morning. On days when I do not have to travel, I just apply this serum after washing my face. I do not pair it with other creams because I do not know how the chemicals will react together and I frankly, don’t want to take that risk.

If you want to know what are the ingredients here is the list for you:


I am very much in love with this serum. You might ask will I repurchase this? My answer: Yes and I already have! 🙂


PRICES: Rs. 1800, $36 and £16.85 to £22.50 

Have you used this serum? What was your experience with it? Let me know if you found this review useful and if you are planning on purchasing it! 🙂

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What Is In My Travel Make-Up Bag?

Hello beautiful people!

Wow it has been over a week since I posted, huh? Many apologies! I didn’t post anything last week because I went on a small trip to visit my best friend and since we met after 4 years, I just couldn’t find the time to pick up my laptop and present a post for you guys. 😦 However, I am back and get ready to have me in your feeds and emails again! 😛

So whenever I am on YouTube, I probably watch a “What’s in my handbag” or “What’s in my travel bag” every single day. Those videos are just so addictive and also because I am a nosy person who likes to know what people carry around with them on a regular basis or on trips. As I was packing my suitcase, I though, ‘D’ya know what…I have never done a what’s in my travel bag before!’ and that inspired today’s post!

If you are a nosy person like me, sit back, relax and start scrolling because I am taking you on a trip to what’s inside my travel makeup bag! 🙂


When I am going on a trip, I wish I can take my entire collection with me but sadly, I can’t! (The misery!) So I have to content myself and carry the only necessary things. (Like, how can a girl have too much makeup? Necessary things…yeah right! 😀 ) So my makeup bag has the necessary things…like the bare minimum! Let’s dig in!

I’ll start with the makeup bag itself which is from Maybelline (I have an unhealthy obsession with Maybelline as you all are well aware!) I actually got it as a gift! I remember I was shopping and the people there are probably like, “Oh there she comes again! *Snort snort snort*” and I had purchased a few of the new releases and they gave me this really pretty, gold makeup bag.


The bag is big and has a lot of space which is perfect and it also has one chain inside and a few small compartments. I love the texture, the finish, and the look. It is so very pretty!

Now let’s see what I carry inside!


I do not carry my entire makeup brush collection, only the ones which I will be requiring. I carry the Real Techniques Stippling, buffing, detailer and the contour brush (which I actually use as a setting brush… I don’t contour or bronze. #audienceshock) also I carry the Real Techniques deluxe crease brush and base shadow brush. My lid is quite small so I basically use them both on the crease for blending and such. I also have a few eye shadow brushes from Bare Essentials. They get the job done and I basically have them for travel purposes. I also carry a spooley/spoolie brush for my eyebrows. I use the case which I got when I bought the Real Technique brushes. They are handy and I love how they protect my brush and compress them together so that they do not take up too much space. It also doesn’t destroy the brush shape.


For foundation and concealer, I carry the Maybelline Fit Me range which consist of Fit Me Foundation, Concealer and Pressed Powder. I love these. They are so light and perfect for everyday use. The foundation however comes in a glass bottle which can be risky but I do not mind as I always pack it with care.


If I could, I would carry my entire lipstick collection with me. (Sadly, I can’t) I obviously change the shades which I want to carry but if you have been following me on instagram, you might have seen the colours I am currently obsessed with. They are the Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick in the shade Mauve Paced and Scarlet Drill. These shades are so pretty! I used Mauve Paced for daytime then I switched over to Scarlet Drill for the night. The amazing thing about these shades is that they go with my outfit and my eye makeup, which usually tends to be on the neutral shades.


Since I usually tend to stick with the neutral eye shades, I do not see the point in carrying too may palettes or millions of quads with me. I just need a palette which has the combination of every shade I need and I found it in the Maybelline The Nudes palette. I have been in love with the palette ever since I got it. It is so affordable and is filled with my favourite hues.


I have lately been loving the L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga mascara so it went with me. You can read my review on the product HERE.


I carry my Maybelline the Colossal Liner and Super Black pens with me. These get the job done. I won’t say those are my favourite products but I take them with me so that if by chance I misplace them, I won’t regret it too much. *Sheepish grin*


I also keep a blush with me. I don’t use blushes on a regular basis but I carry a mini one anyways because you never know when you might need to rosy them cheeks up! 😉 I was with my best friend so it didn’t matter anyways. The blush I carry with me is the Maybelline Cheeky Glow in the shade Peachy Sweety. It is really small and slips right in.


Last but NOT the least, make up remover! Girl, you need it in your makeup bag. In handbag as well. Because you never know when you need it. I carry my trust Neutrogena Makeup Removing Cleansing Towelettes. Easy to use, non-messy and travel friendly! 🙂


There you go folks! Hope you enjoyed the trip inside my travel makeup bag! 🙂

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Toodaloo! xxx


HDF #2: Treat Oily Skin Naturally


For HEALTH DAY FRIDAY today I will be talking about how to tackle oily skin!

Oily skin can be majorly frustrating. Everyday I notice my face makeup and even my eye makeup melt down thanks to my oily skin. I did a lot of research on how to tackle this and even used a bunch of products but nothing seemed to work! In the end I found that natural way worked the best even if it took time, it worked.

There are several reasons that make your skin oily; stress, lifestyle, weather, genetics, menstrual cycles and even makeup! There are several things you can do to prevent it for a period of time during the day such as, using blotting paper, good makeup primers, setting powders & sprays. While trying out right products such as clay masks, face washes and cleanser at home. Believe me, I have been there and I have tried several clay masks and cleansers but those are just temporary. Your oily skin will return unless treated properly.

So you have tried several products from the market, right? Feel like trying a few products from your kitchen? 😉

NOTE: Always do a patch test first before applying the ingredients to your entire face.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice helps dry out the excess oil from your skin and revitalizes and rejuvenates your skin.


How to use it:

Mix equal parts water and fresh-squeezed lemon juice and apply it to your face. Once it’s completely dry, rinse it off with warm water, then cool water. Do this everyday, if possible right before showers.

Banana and Honey

Banana and honey help remove excess oil and soothe skin, leaving it brighter and much more hydrated.


How to use it:

Blend one peeled banana and 1 tablespoon honey together to make a smooth paste .Add a few drops lemon or orange juice to it as it helps dry excess oil and rejuvenate skin. Apply the paste to face and let dry for 15 minutes.Wash off with cool or steaming hot washcloth and then pat dry.


Salt works as a disinfectant and a natural drying agent, it is one of the most effective ways of remove excess oil.


How to use it:

Take a clear spray bottle and fill it up with tepid water (two parts cold water and one part boiling water) and add in a teaspoon of salt. Shake it well till the salt completely dissolves then spray the liquid directly on your face. (Keep your eyes closed) Do not rinse it out and do this regularly to get rid of oily skin.


Repeat daily to get rid of oil skin.

Orange Peel

Orange peel is one of my favourite ingredient to use as it contains astringents, which helps control oil secretion.


How to use it:

After eating an orange and taking in all it’s goodness in your body, layout the peels in the sun and let it dry. Then blend it to make a fine powder and mix it with rosewater or curd to make a paste. Apply to face and leave on 30 minutes. Rinse it off with water. Do this regularly to control oil and prevent blemishes.


Tomato juice helps removes excess oil and tighten the pores.


How to use it:

Take a fresh tomato and blend it to make a juice. Taking a cotton ball dip it in the juice and apply it all over your face. Leave it on until it is completely dry, then rinse off with lukewarm water. Do this 1-2 times weekly for the best results. 🙂

Hope you guys found it useful and if any of you try these out, do let me know your experience with it down in the comments sections!

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Beauty Bloggers Corner

Hey guys!

I have something very exciting to share with you all today!

A few weeks ago, I met an amazing beauty blogger Jessica and we connected thanks to our love for blogging and of course makeup. We realized how amazing this was! We both were from two corners of the world and here we were talking and sharing our thoughts on various subjects!

It was this communication that led us to start a platform where bloggers like us could come together and connect. We decided to collaborate and start a group called, “Beauty Bloggers Corner” in Facebook for all you lovely bloggers to join. Since most of us are in Facebook, it seemed like the perfect platform to start the group.

You Can Join HERE!


We are starting this group in hopes that beauty and lifestyle bloggers from all around the world can come together and get to know each other. It will also be a nice little magazine for us where we talk about new product releases and our thoughts on it. We share our opinions, our hopes, our pet pictures!! You can promote your posts in this group so that people can find you and read your amazing content. We wanted this group to me a mixture of Instagram and Twitter. All beauty & lifestyle bloggers are invited to join and post their latest articles, links to their social medias and pictures of their favourite things in the group! We would love to read about your adventures, see pictures and connect with you.

You Can Join HERE!

Lets connect

Lets Share

lets collaborate

What can you gain from this group?

  • People to connect with
  • A platform for promoting your content
  • The latest trends!
  • The latest makeup launches!
  • Fun, interesting contests!
  • Being surrounded by makeup posts! 😉

In return we would like to ask you to NOT:

  • Post pictures of dead, suffering or tortured animals and plants (We are fragile creatures)
  • Negative remarks (Let’s support and encourage everyone)
  • Racism & Fighting
  • Please Do Not promote any products

I hope all of you come and join this group and get to know Jessica, me and all the other members! Let’s connect, share and collaborate! 🙂

You Can Join HERE